Angelababy refutes claims of plastic surgery

The actress-model posted a video which showed her pinching her chin 

Angelababy上载捏下巴视频反击整容说 1`
Hong Kong-based actress Angelababy recently took part in the filming of the Chinese version of popular South Korean variety show Running Man, only to spark speculations that she has undergone plastic surgery. Her chin allegedly looked “out of shape” while she was actively participating in the games.

In response, Angelababy uploaded a video on Weibo which showed pinching her chin and making several exaggerated expressions, seemingly to refute the claims. Although the actress-model deleted the post shortly after, netizens were quick to record and circulate screen shots of the clip.
Angelababy上载捏下巴视频反击整容说 2

This is not the first time that Angelababy is rumoured to have gone under the knife. The 25-year-old’s transformation from “girl with braces” during her salad days to her current “cover girl” good looks, has led many people to speculate that she had work done on her face.

Despite having dispelled the rumours on numerous occasions, Angelababy continues to be a target of these allegations. As a result, her manager is reportedly considering taking legal action against netizens who spread such malicious comments.  

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