Angelababy targeted in smear campaign by netizens

Angelababy was accused of having casual sex with Huang Xiaoming before their marriage, but her attorney said the rumours were “purely fictitious”

Angelababy targeted in smear campaign by netizens

Over the past few days, rumours began to circulate on the Internet, calling Hong Kong artiste Angelababy a “third wheel” and accused her of having a “friends with benefits” relationship with husband Huang Xiaoming.

Insiders claimed that 26-year-old Angela “seduced” her husband when they met at a KTV session and although they were both attached to their respective partners at the time, sparks flew and they “disappeared for a few hours” that night.

Rumours also claimed that they maintained a casual sexual relationship from then on. The media even started a rumour that Angela sent 37-year-old Xiaoming this message: “What I want is a boyfriend, not a sex partner.”

In response to the rumours, Angela’s agency released an official statement saying that Internet users with ulterior motives have released a series of insults, accusing Yang Ying (Angelababy) for being a mistress.

Angelababy targeted in smear campaign by netizens

As for the text message rumour, Baby’s attorney said it is “purely fictitious” and are simply “malicious accusations”, giving the media and Internet users who published this content three days to apologise for their actions or further legal action will be taken against them.

Fortunately, Angela is not affected by the rumours and is slated to star in established Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai’s new film Ferryman in July which features a star-studded cast including Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Leung.

Xiaoming and Angela have been in a long-running relationship for five years and their marriage was officially certified at the end of May.

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