Angelababy to take legal action against blackmail accusations

Several have called her the “most manipulative celebrity” in showbiz

Angelababy to take legal action against blackmail accusations

It’s been less than a year since Angelababy wed Huang Xiaoming in a fairytale ceremony but negative rumours are already circulating about her. In particular, the Chinese media has claimed that she is in financial difficulties and secretly badmouthed fellow female stars Yang Mi, Liu Yifei, Zanilia Zhao and Zheng Shuang, among others.

Recently, several verified Weibo accounts have banded together to claim that she is the “most manipulative celebrity” in showbiz, sharing that she caused Yang Mi to lose an endorsement deal and movie offer and is currently targeting Zanilkia Zhao and Zheng Shuang because of her financial worries.

Angelababy to take legal action against blackmail accusations

In response to these allegations, her representative made an announcement on their official Weibo account discrediting the rumours, clarifying that they will take legal action to protect Angelababy. They shared, “In recent days, there have been some toxic accounts that have been spreading malicious rumours about Angelababy on Weibo and these false statements have been spread widely.”

“We ask for the parties involved to stop spreading these lies as these actions are against the law. We have started legal proceedings and we will safeguard Angelababy’s interests,” they added. Netizens have expressed their support for her after the announcement was made, declaring, “We reject all attempts at slander and will protect Angelababy!”

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