Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang spending more time together

The Malaysian actress says she has resumed her usual activities after forgiving her husband for cheating on her


Malaysian actress Angelica Lee has forgiven her husband, movie director Oxide Pang, for cheating on her when his affair came to light in May. He had an affair with model Liddy Li and had publicly apologised for his wrongdoings and sought forgiveness from his wife.

Yesterday, Angelica attended a media conference in Taiwan with Taiwanese celebrity Sylvia Chang whom she designed a tea set with. Looking radiant, she told the media she has resumed her usual activities after the incident.

“[I’m] facing it, dealing with it, letting go and moving forward,” said Angelica, who forgave her husband on account of their 12-year marriage.

The 38-year-old, who has other events scheduled in Taiwan, also revealed Oxide is currently shooting a new film in the city and she will meet up with him if time permits.

Sharing that she has no uncertainties towards him as “everyone makes mistakes”, Angelica added that he had kept her company when she was filming in Hong Kong for three months.

“Nothing much has changed, we are spending a lot of time together now.”

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