Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang put on a united front

Despite rumours of Oxide Pang’s new extramarital affair, the couple appeared at a film festival holding hands

Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang put on a united front
Malaysian-Chinese actress Angelica Lee and her Hong Kong film director husband Oxide Pang made their first public appearance as a couple on Monday (Mar 23) after Oxide was rumoured to have cheated on his wife for the second time.

Earlier this month, photos of the 48-year-old behaving intimately and drinking with a woman at a pub in Bangkok were shared online but he swiftly dismissed it as a typical session of socialising with his business partners.

Though Oxide emphasised he did not have any scandalous dealings with the woman and they are not in a relationship, netizens could not help but recall his extramarital affair with Hong Kong model Liddy Li and repeatedly urged Angelica to divorce him.

However, Angelica seemed unshaken by the rumours and proved her trust in her husband when she attended the film festival with him at the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival to show her support for the world premiere of Taiwanese actress-turned-director Sylvia Chang’s new film Murmur of the Hearts.

The couple showed their affection for each other as they held on to each other’s hands tightly throughout the night and ignored questions related to Oxide’s rumours. Instead, the 38-year-old actress shared on her thoughts of participating in Sylvia’s new movie as the lead actress.

As this is their third collaboration, Angelica likened the film to a university project, calling every collaboration with Sylvia “an examination.” She also said her first two films with the latter were like projects done in primary and secondary school.

On the other hand, Hong Kong actress Isabella Leong, who is the other female lead in Sylvia’s movie, was asked if she had expressed her concern to Angelica regarding her marriage. However, she replied coolly, “No, I did not. After all, it’s her family matters.”

When asked if she is seeing anyone currently, following her separation from Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li after their three-year marriage, Isabella jested, “I already have three children. I don’t need (a new partner) at the moment as I don’t feel lonely.”

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