Angelica Lee cares about Oxide Pang’s ‘face’

The Malaysian actress opens up that she does skincare for her husband to improve their relationship  

Angelica Lee cares about Oxide Pang’s ‘face’
Malaysian actress and singer Angelica Lee said yesterday that she shows her love for her husband Oxide Pang by personally doing skincare for him.

The actress, along with Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao, graced the press conference for skincare brand SK II’s new product launch held at the departure transit lounge of Changi Airport Terminal 3 yesterday afternoon.

Entering the eighth year as the global ambassador of SK II, Angelica specially donned the iconic colours of the skincare brand yesterday, appearing in an elegant white dress and wine-red heels and was in good spirits; Godfrey, the ambassador for the brand’s line of male skincare products, was seen with a manly beard and clad in a black suit.

When asked by Belinda Lee, who was the host of the event, about her wish for the new year, Angelica said in a serious tone, “I hope to cherish every day of my life even more than before and to learn to live in the moment. Life is unpredictable and we may face many challenges, but I hope to stay positive, regardless if it is about my career or my family.”

Angelica Lee cares about Oxide Pang’s ‘face’
Unlike previous reports that Angelica turned up at the promotional event of her show without wearing her wedding band and gave the media ambiguous responses, in her visit to Singapore yesterday, the actress not only wore her wedding ring but also shared her thoughts candidly and happily during the interview.

Despite interruptions by PR reps, Angelica, who was in good spirits, continued to share her views and even took the initiative to talk about her husband Oxide.

The 38-year-old is known to have gone through a rough patch in her marriage with Hong Kong film director Oxide Pang last May, when Oxide’s rendezvous with young model Liddy Li was published in a tabloid magazine.

With her husband’s affair placed under the spotlight, Angelica once felt devastated. Having dated Oxide for seven years after they collaborated in horror movie The Eye, the actress wedded Oxide in 2010 and went on a hiatus to take care of her husband and her step-daughter whole-heartedly.

Despite being constantly pressured by others to divorce her husband, who was already labelled by many as an unfaithful man, the loving wife and mother chose to forgive his unfaithful act.

Angelica also reportedly made a special trip to Taiwan to celebrate Christmas with Oxide and her step-daughter. The happy family-of-three also showed their affection in a photo posted online.

Angelica even shared yesterday that she would occasionally take on the role of her husband’s beautician, placing the responsibility of her husband’s skincare and ‘face matters’ in her hands.

“When he sees me putting on skincare products daily, he would always joke that I don’t do that for him,” Angelica said chirpily.

“Shooting films is a tough and tiring job and he often doesn’t have a good complexion. However, as he isn’t deeply concerned with skincare, I would often act as his facial therapist. He would lie down obediently while I apply a facial mask for him, being a person who does not care for his skin regularly, the results of every treatment is often very obvious,” she further revealed the couple’s unique way of sharing time with each other.

Apart from her husband’s personal beautician, Angelica also frequently exchanges beauty and skincare tips with her mother and step-daughter.

The award-winning actress admitted that throughout her career as both a singer and actress, she has never had many projects ongoing at the same time. However, Angelica said it is because she places the quality of her works over the quantity put out. Angelica had also reduced her appearance on screen in the earlier years of her marriage as she wanted to focus on caring for her step-daughter. However, with her step-daughter maturing and growing up quickly, Angelica said yesterday that she is ready to spend more time on her career.

After going on a 10-year hiatus from the small screen, Angelica made a comeback with Hong Kong drama The Election late last year and received praises for her performance. Since her collaboration with Sylvia Chang in the film 20.30.40 a decade ago, their new film titled Calling All Angels is also slated to be released coming March.

Angelica Lee cares about Oxide Pang’s ‘face’
Similarly, Angelica’s co-ambassador, Taiwan-born Canadian-bred actor Godfrey Gao also revealed yesterday that he wishes to do more films, action films, to be specific.

The model-turned actor, who debuted as Fashionable F4 alongside Gaby Lan, Sphinx Ting, and Victor Chen, starred in many television dramas and even had his big break in Hollywood last year in movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Godfrey, currently filming a period action drama God of War Zhao Yun where he takes on the role of legendary Lü Bu of the Three Kingdoms, revealed that he specially took horse-riding classes and prepared hard for his lines expressed in classical Chinese.

When asked to rate his performance, Godfrey confidently gave himself an eight out of 10 and expressed that he intends to train well in martial arts to land more action projects in the future.

This interview is translated by Isadora Ong.

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