Angelica Lee: I will not give birth till Oxide is by my side

The heavily pregnant actress gives an update on how she’s coping so far


Heavily-pregnant actress Angelica Lee attended an event for a charity she co-founded with Charlie Young, Gigi Leung and Valen Hsu, the ‘Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation’, during the weekend.

The actress, who has been staying in Malaysia to rest ever since she announced her pregnancy at the start of the year, looked radiant in a black dress. While her cheeks look even fleshier than before, her limbs still look as slender.

At the event, Angelica shared that it is extra tough being pregnant with twin boys, and that she found it harder to walk. Even the simple act of talking tends to leave her breathless these days, said Angelica.

As a result, she is unable to take on work projects during this period of time, but shared that she will make an exception for Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation events.  Angelica explained that she hopes to set an example and teach her kids to “always help those in need when they grow up”, no matter how tough it might be.

When asked about her expected due date, the actress kept mum, though she did explain that as she was pregnant with twins, her expected due date was hard to predict.

The mum to-be shared that her husband’s “sole job” for the latter half of the year is to accompany her till she gives birth in Malaysia. The director, who recently finished directing a new film called ‘My War’, and will be accompanying her during delivery too, said Angelica.

The 40-year-old even joked that she “will not give birth” if he did not accompany her in the room, and reassured everyone, “I will work hard to ensure that both my body and emotions are rested and calm, so that these two can stay in my stomach for a while more. The doctor is very anxious as well, and has given me his mobile number, for me to contact him if I have any questions.”

The twins are Angelica and Oxide’s first children together after six years of marriage. Oxide has a daughter, Yan Yan, 16, from his previous marriage; the couple weathered through a bad spell in their marriage 2 years ago, when Oxide was caught cheating with model-actress Liddy Li, 28. 

Photo: PBE Media

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