Angelica Lee practises cooking

Actress shows off her newfound skills


Malaysian actress Angelica Lee posted photos on Weibo and Facebook on Monday showing her practising her cooking.

She’s expecting twins with her husband, Hong Kong director Oxide Pang, due this May.

“The doctor reminded me that carrying two babies isn’t easy, and I should stay at home and not run around,” she wrote. “So I can only wait for friends to visit me.”

The actress added she recently had friends from Beijing drop in, who taught her how to cook her favourite northern Chinese dishes such as shredded potatoes, dumplings and dumpling knots.


“In a short while my cooking improved by leaps and bounds, I’m thrilled!” she wrote.

Angelica appeared in a long, loose-fitting outfit, and it was the first time she didn’t try to hide her pregnant belly in a social media photo since she announced in January she was expecting.

Pregnant Angelica Lee craves wonton noodles 

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