Angelica Lee shows off pregnant belly

Actress shares her feelings about pregnancy

Photos: PBE Media

Angelica Lee first announced in January that she was pregnant with twins, to the joy of many. Yesterday, the actress revealed her round belly on Weibo for the first time, with the caption, “Every time I look at my increasingly large stomach, I can feel the rhythm of three heartbeats. It really is great to be able to feel the sacredness of pregnancy and childbirth.”

The 40-year-old even gave her belly a little “sprout” to show her feelings on becoming a mother.

At the same time, she also posted, “Now that I’ve become a mother and experienced the feeling of being one with my child, I’m full of gratitude. Thank you to my mum and dad for giving birth to me.”


While Angelica and her husband Oxide Pang, 54, have yet to disclose the gender of the twins, it is widely speculated that both are female, as Angelica had once uploaded a picture of her beloved pooch, hoping that after her babies are born, the dog would be able to become “the girls’ protector”.

Her words were seen as a hint at the babies’ gender and many believe the couple is set to welcome two girls into the family.

The twins are Angelica and Oxide’s first children together after six years of marriage. Oxide has a daughter, Yan Yan, 16, from his previous marriage; the couple weathered through a bad spell in their marriage 2 years ago, when Oxide was caught cheating with model-actress Liddy Li, 28. 

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