Annie Yi chokes up talking about husband in video clip

Singer gets emotional discussing her 3 years of marriage


Taiwanese singer and actress Annie Yi, 47, fought back tears when talking about the highlights of her three years of marriage to Chinese actor Qin Hao, 37.

In a nearly 5-minute video clip posted on her Weibo page early yesterday morning, Annie told her fans she had just watched an interview television show Qin Hao was on, and it reminded her of touching moments in their years together.

The actor’s parents had welcomed Annie into the family and reminded Qin Hao to take good care of his new wife. And during their Phuket wedding in early 2015, Harrison, Annie’s 14-year-old son from her first marriage to singer Harlem Yu, represented the bride’s family and delivered an impromptu speech, because Annie’s father had passed away and her mother was old.


“He said, ‘Mummy is like a nutcase at home, but when Qin Hao is around she behaves like a child, so I think Qin Hao will look after her,’” she recounted.

The singer, who’s seven months pregnant with her daughter, also gave her fans an update on her health. She said she was tired after a two-day maternity photoshoot and had been suffering bloatedness and muscle cramps, and jokingly referred to her swollen legs as pig trotters.

She added she was feeling out of breath just recording the video clip and had been staying home to rest.

Annie is due in late June. Qin Hao confirmed in January they were expecting their first child.

Photos: PBE Media

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