Annie Yi displays quick wits during recent earthquake

“If this happened in a drama serial, I wouldn’t be alive after the first episode,” says her husband


Yesterday morning, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan, with tremors measuring up to 4 magnitude felt in Taipei. The sudden quake startled residents, especially in the wake of the February earthquake that hit southern Taiwan and left 117 dead.

After the tremors subsided, celebrities took to social media to update fans and family on their status, assuring them that they were safe.

Annie Yi, who currently resides in Taipei, married her second husband, Chinese actor Qin Hao last year, and is currently 7 months pregnant.

Qin Hao happened to be in Taipei with Annie yesterday when the earthquake struck, and recounted his experience on Weibo.

The actor wrote that when their surroundings started shaking, he didn’t even have time to react. He then saw Annie, who had immediately grabbed her beloved pet pooch, hiding using the “Triangle of Life” tactic , an earthquake survival tactic popularised by Doug Copp.

Qin Hao couldn’t help but to marvel in his post, “Knowledge will change your fate,” and even poked fun at himself, commenting. “If this happened in a drama serial, I wouldn’t be alive after the first episode.”

Photo: PBE Media

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