Annie Yi due to give birth early next month

The expectant mother also shared her daily meal plan


Taiwanese actress-singer Annie Yi has recently flown to America quietly to await delivery and revealed that her expected due date will be early next month.

The 47-year-old, who is said to be going through a high-risk pregnancy due to her age, constantly updates her Weibo account with pregnancy tips and tricks, as well as videos of her dancing rambunctiously.

Recently, the actress-singer also revealed her daily diet as an expectant mother, and confessed that she does not eat starchy foods, and restricts herself to blanched vegetables and sliced meat only. Annie also eats fruits once every three days only, due to its high sugar content and drinks red bean soup or wintermelon soup if she craves for something sweet.


The expectant mother, who has put on 12kg since her pregnancy, also divulged that she intends to breastfeed her newborn daughter and has no plans to go on diet immediately after giving birth.

Annie married her second husband, Chinese actor Qin Hao last year, and is currently seven months pregnant. She also has a teenage son, Harrison, 13, from her first marriage to Taiwanese singer and entertainer Harlem Yu, 54.

Photos: PBE Media

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