Annie Yi: I’ll work hard to look like my child’s elder sister

Singer shares her health, beauty routines


Taiwanese singer and actress Annie Yi, 46, said yesterday that her new goal is to look like her unborn child’s elder sister.

The singer, known for her youthful looks, shared health, beauty and nutrition tips that she had been following religiously since she was 18.

After confirming on January 14 that she and her second husband, Chinese actor Qin Hao, 37, were expecting their first child together, Annie encouraged women who were trying for children to “maintain your fitness, don’t give up and I believe you will be blessed with a baby in time.”

Annie said she started focusing on her health from a young age because her mother’s family is at a higher risk of cancer. “The miracle that doctors talked about today is the result of 20 years of living simply,” she said.

Annie and Qin Hao married in early 2015. She has a son with ex-husband Harlem Yu, whom she divorced in 2009.

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