Annie Yi marries Qin Hao in Phuket

Six years after her divorce, Annie Yi re-married at a scenic resort in Phuket last Saturday (March 21)

Annie Yi marries Qin Hao in Phuket

46-year-old Taiwanese star Annie Yi held her wedding by the sea in Phuket, Thailand, last Saturday (March 21) after saying “yes” to Chinese actor Qin Hao’s romantic seafront proposal in Turkey during September last year.

Although they made it clear that the media will not be entertained at the wedding and established that the guests should not reveal the happenings of the wedding, scenery shots of their wedding location were still released.

Annie Yi marries Qin Hao in Phuket

It is reported that the newlyweds chose Laguna Phuket Island Resort to hold their wedding. The bridal tea ceremony commenced at 11 am in the morning and was followed by an outdoor photo shoot, a wedding banquet and an after-dinner cocktail party at night.

Annie and Qin Hao, who are 10 years apart, have been very open about their relationship since they started dating. However, they kept their wedding a low-key event, encouraging guests to refrain from posting photos of it on social media platforms for at least until Tuesday, (March 24).

Despite their best efforts to keep it a secret, their wedding location and invitations got leaked by the media.

In addition, the media also revealed that the bride and groom had arrived in Phuket a few days before the wedding. In fact, they planned to have a bachelor party to celebrate Qin Hao’s “last night of freedom” but because they were too busy with preparations and hosting their guests, they decided to cancel it.

Annie Yi marries Qin Hao in Phuket

They did not invite any friends from the industry for this private wedding, but have invited them for the upcoming banquets in Beijing, as well as Taipei and Shenyang, the groom’s hometown.

The public suspected an ulterior motive to holding the wedding on March 21, a day after the Taiwanese multi hyphenate’s divorce with Chinese-Taiwanese Golden Melody Award-winning singer-songwriter Harlem Yu on March 20 in 2009. However, Annie’s representative remarked, “The date of marriage has no special meaning.”

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