Annie Yi: Pregnancy at my age will be hard

Annie Yi admits that she knows the difficulty of having a baby at the age of 46

Annie Yi: Pregnancy at my age will be hard

Taiwanese actress-singer Annie Yi posted a photograph on Weibo yesterday during a blood test, revealing that she is now taking regular blood tests in preparation of having a baby.

The 46-year-old married Chinese actor Qin Hao, who is 10 years younger than her, in March this year. The wedding took place in Phuket following his romantic seafront proposal in Turkey last September. This is her second marriage following her divorce with famed singer-songwriter Harlem Yu in 2009.

Netizens expressed their doubts on her ability to get pregnant, saying: “Can women at your age be successful in giving birth? Will it be too dangerous?” Annie posted in response: “I know that it will be very difficult to give birth at my age, but I really hope to be able to help [my husband] experience the feeling of a baby moving (while still in my tummy) and also what it’s like to become a father. Love gives people strength (and) teaches us not to give up easily. I know there are a lot of parents who are struggling with having a baby as well, so let’s all work hard together! ”

Netizens were touched by her post and left well wishes such as: “Things will be very hard for you from now on (but) you can do it!” and “I really admire you for deciding to have a baby even at 46 years old.” Others, however, were less than impressed, leaving scathing remarks such as, “Why is she updating her Weibo just because of a blood test(?)”

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