Annie Yi holds second marriage ceremony in Beijing

Annie Yi and Qin Hao exchange speeches to each other at their Beijing wedding ceremony which followed their huge Phuket wedding on 21 March

Annie Yi holds second marriage ceremony in Beijing

Annie Yi, 46, tied the knot with Chinese young actor Qin Hao, who is 10 years her junior, in Phuket last month (21 March).  Their Phuket wedding bash had pink macarons and bouquets on the dining tables, creating a very romantic atmosphere.

Apart from the overseas wedding gig, they also had plans to have three weddings ceremonies across a few places, including Beijing.

Upon finishing their Phuket wedding and returning to Beijing, it was reported that the car she was in had a small collision with another vehicle when it tried to overtake her car. Annie’s assistant got off the car to talk it out with the other driver as she sat in the car playing with her mobile phone. Annie was described to be drunk from the wedding and unperturbed by the small incident.

Annie Yi holds second marriage ceremony in Beijing

Despite the couple’s plans to keep their wedding events private, their wedding celebration in Beijing yesterday was still reported all over the Chinese media. In photos published online, Annie was pictured with curly wind-swept hair in long-sleeved white dress with a radiant smile on her face.

The couple also pre-recorded their wedding speeches in their wedding video. In said video, Qin Hao said that Annie would be a good wife and a good mum, adding that it is all because of love and that it was about time for them to get married while Annie shared that she is grateful to have Qin Hao by her side.


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