Annie Yi shares motherhood advice with followers

Singer says she ran 3 km until she bled but didn’t lose her baby


Since confirming she was expecting her second child, Taiwanese singer and actress Annie Yi, 46, has been sharing advice on motherhood with her Weibo followers, and she’s counselled those planning to have children to be more careful no matter how hopeful they feel about their chances.

The singer recounted how she didn’t think it likely that she would conceive naturally, and near the start of her current pregnancy she went for a 3-km run, which caused her to bleed. However, her baby wasn’t harmed.

Annie said she was ecstatic to receive a maternity booklet when she went for a checkup at 12 weeks, and the results showed she was at no risk of miscarriage.

She encouraged women to have children, saying, “You and your husband will be together for just one lifetime, but with a child that can be extended.”


Recently, media spotted Annie and her second husband, Chinese actor Qin Hao, 37, out on a movie date with Harrison, Annie’s teenage son by her first husband, Harlem Yu. Stepson and stepfather were expressionless the whole evening and appeared to keep their distance from each other.

Annie and Qin Hao married in early 2015. She divorced Harlem in 2009.


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