Annie Yi tries the trendy A4 waist challenge

Six months pregnant actress shows off her slender figure


Photos: PBE Media

A very pregnant Annie Yi is the latest celebrity to attempt the A4 waist challenge that is currently making rounds on the Internet.

In the picture, the 47-year-old, clad in a “Never Give Up” tee and a baseball cap, looked like a trendy teenager, instead of a 6-month pregnant mother. She held an A4 sized paper at her waist, showing a slender figure despite being pregnant.

Her picture was accompanied with a carefree caption, “Pregnant mums, never give up! [Challenging the] A4 waist, my first picture together with Little Qin, fighting.”

The actress’ husband Qin Hao could not help but to comment “Beautiful, both of you are beautiful” when he saw the post on Weibo, with Annie replying, “Hehe, Mr Qin, you’ll be able to hold her in a few months’ time.”

The Taiwanese actress and singer, who is due to give birth to a baby girl nicknamed “Little Qin” in June, is currently resting and awaiting delivery at home and often shares with fans her feelings and thoughts about her pregnancy online.

Even though Annie’s pregnancy is considered to be ‘high-risk’ due to her age, her confidence in her own body have earned her the nickname “Prettiest Pregnant Mum” from netizens.

Annie married Chinese actor Qin Hao, 37, last March and has a teenage son, Harrison, 13, from her first marriage to Taiwanese singer and entertainer Harlem Yu, 54.

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