Anthony Neely sent scandalous texts to unnamed woman

The singer, who recently revealed he is married with a three-year-old daughter, was caught texting another woman


A month ago, Taiwanese singer Anthony Neely made a shocking revelation through a video on Facebook that he has been married for four years and has a three-year-old daughter.

However, he was seen clubbing earlier this month and returning home late. Anthony was even said to have been sending scandalous messages to “A,” a lady whom he had known from the club.

The father of one initiated the conversation and told “A,” “I just woke up and I dreamt of you. I want to see you.”

But the lady in question is already attached and her boyfriend, who discovered the messages, retorted on Anthony’s Facebook: “How different are you from Giddens Ko?” speaking of the author-director who admitted to his infidelity last week.


Anthony, who is currently in the States for his grandmother’s funeral, apologised to “A” for causing her unnecessary trouble to her and called himself “a rotten man”.

Keeping a composed tone when speaking to journalists over the phone, the 28-year-old admitted to sending those messages but denied they were used to get close to “A.” He explained he was just being friendly but it became a hindrance to her instead.

Adding that his wife, Vivi, has also seen the texts, Anthony hopes the public will not disrupt their sweet married life.

Anthony Neely forced to reveal marriage?

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