Anthony Wong’s elder son injured in US car crash

Actor sheds tears from the stress


Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong, 54, was so worried waiting for news of his son that he cried. His elder son, Wong Yat-Yat, was injured in a car crash in the US, and yesterday Anthony posted a photo on his Weibo page showing the misshapen vehicle.

“To survive a crash like this, I’m thankful, thanks to God!” he wrote.

Fans thought the actor was the survivor of the crash, but Anthony explained that Yat-Yat, who’s studying in the US, was in a car driven by a friend when it hit a tree and flipped.

When Yat-Yat arrived at hospital he no longer had a heartbeat, and Anthony couldn’t fly over to visit him because he didn’t have a travel visa and was busy with work. Anthony’s wife went to the US instead, and while waiting for updates the actor was so stressed that he cried.

By the time Anthony’s wife arrived in the US, Yat-Yat had regained consciousness. He wasn’t gravely injured, only requiring a neck brace and physiotherapy.

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