Anthony Wong visits sex shop with female assistant

Actor and wife have lived apart for years


Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong, 54, was spotted entering a sex shop with his female assistant, leading to rumours that his 20-year marriage to Ng Wai-Zing was in trouble.

After they had lunch, the actor and his platinum-blonde assistant were recently seen walking by a sex shop. They both looked at the items in the display window before entering the store.

It doesn’t help that the actor and his wife have been living apart since shortly after they got married in 1996. Anthony said his wife was a quick-tempered person and conflicts often arose, so living apart made them more tolerant of each other.

A source said Anthony’s assistant had once worked at the Cable TV Hong Kong network. “Technically she’s his assistant, but it’s no different from being a girlfriend,” the source said. “Anthony takes good care of her, and they are open, they go everywhere together.”

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