Antony Kuo shares photo from wife’s maternity photoshoot

The Taiwanese celebrity and his wife had gone on the photoshoot in anticipation of their daughter

Antony Kuo shares photo from wife’s maternity photoshoot

Taiwanese celebrity Antony Kuo melted netizens’ hearts with a photo taken during his wife Chen Wei Shan’s maternity photoshoot where he was seen lightly touching her baby bump with his nose.

The 33-year-old, who will be welcoming his daughter in July, expressed his anticipation as he wrote sweetly in his caption, “I will always listen attentively to what the both of you are saying.”

The older twin of former singing duo 2moro had tied the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend in 2013 after keeping a low profile about his 10-year relationship. The couple is said to have weathered through numerous struggles in their relationship and stood by each other’s side.

Antony Kuo shares photo from wife’s maternity photoshoot

As Wei Shan is shy in nature, the public only got a first look of her on their wedding day. After their wedding, the couple would frequently share about their married life with netizens and in January, Antony announced that Wei Shan is pregnant with their first child.

Despite Antony being tied down with work and frequently travelling for his shows recently, he shared that he would always keep in contact with his wife and check on her condition during her pregnancy. This also brought about netizens’ compliments about him being “a caring husband who loves his family”.

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