Are Fan Bingbing and Li Chen moving in together?

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen were spotted shopping at a store selling household items

Are Fan Bingbing and Li Chen moving in together?

It’s been five months since Chinese celebrity couple Fan Bingbing and Li Chen admitted to their relationship and the two are rumoured to be moving in together soon.

The couple were witnessed wearing masks and purchasing a large bag of home goods at a Bejing outlet of the Japanese household items store MUJI, raising suspicions that they could be trying to stay low-key while shopping in preparation for their new house.

Bingbing was spotted in a loose-fitting blue maxi dress with black flats and Li Chen was in a simple white shirt and jeans. Also, Li Chen was seen holding onto Bingbing carefully as they walked around the store.

Netizens continued to suggest that not only could the two be moving in together, but that they could also be planning a wedding soon. Although speculations are rife, neither Bingbing nor Li Chen have addressed this matter as of yet.

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