Are Him Law and Tavia Yeung planning to build a new love nest?

The May-December couple was seen visiting the showroom of a new property launch together

Are Him Law and Tavia Yeung planning to build a new love nest?

Hong Kong media speculated that marriage bells may ring soon for celebrity couple Him Law and Tavia Yeung as they went to a property showroom together last Saturday (Apr 4).

Despite recent rumours that they have had a couple’s tiff as Him had reportedly cheated on Tavia with his co-star, the two turned up at the congested showroom in matching outfits and kept a low-profile during their visit.

Witnesses also claimed that Him had caringly protected his girlfriend from the crowd and they constantly whispered to each other’s ears while seeking advice about the apartment units.

Speculations rose that Tavia and Him are planning for marriage as they have dated for three years and both enjoy a stable career now. The former had recently renewed her contract with Hong Kong broadcaster TVB for two years while her boyfriend is now a fast-rising star in TVB and had recently clinched the role of the male lead for an upcoming blockbuster drama.

When asked if marriage is on the cards for the couple, Tavia replied in a phone interview that she was merely accompanying her boyfriend to the showroom. Known to have a keen eye in property investments, Tavia also added that she was only sharing some tips with her boyfriend.

“(I) only asked him to invest while I shared some knowledge I have about (property investment). Let’s not talk about marriage for now as it is meant to be done in future,” she clarified.

Him also revealed that he had developed a new interest for investments. “Tavia would give me her comments. I have chosen this property as it is close to my workplace,” he explained.

Him added that though the couple had a liking towards several property projects previously, they are unable to make a decision. Hence, they currently do not have plans to purchase an apartment together. 

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