Ariel Lin has ‘no plans’ for baby

Actress says interacting with children is hard to fathom

Ariel Lin has ‘no plans’ for baby

Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin, 33, said she has no baby plans at the moment, adding that she wished her family would only pressure her once a year to have a baby.

While appearing at a promotional event in Macau yesterday, the actress said interacting with children was something she found hard to fathom and she would need more time to learn.

This is Ariel’s first trip to Macau, and she took the chance to stay for three days and two nights to explore the city and pick out an anniversary present for her husband, Charles Lin. Their anniversary is on Christmas Eve and they married last year.

But asked whether she’d give him a baby as an anniversary present, she replied, “It won’t be that soon.”

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