Ariel Lin is getting engaged this month

The Taiwanese actress is getting engaged to her beau of two years on her birthday this month

林依晨生日当天订婚宴 圣诞前夕升格人妻
林依晨生日当天订婚宴 圣诞前夕升格人妻 

Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin’s manager has confirmed that the celebrity is getting engaged on her birthday on October 29. Her wedding will reportedly be held on Christmas’ Eve this year.

Ariel and her fiancé Charles Lin have known each other for more than a decade, they met at her cousin’s wedding and began dating in 2012 with marriage in mind. It is said that Charles’s family runs a diving equipment business based in Taiwan and he works at the California branch office.

He is believed to have proposed to Ariel on her birthday last year with a necklace to “keep her by his side for the rest of their lives”. When she left for London last September for her Masters degree in Performing Arts, Charles had often kept her company and the couple even toured Europe together.

Ariel began giving out invitation cards for her engagement to her friends and schoolmates last week and her university lecturer posted it online, causing the news to leak. The cards were designed using paper sculpture with the alphabets “YCL”, an acronym for both their names.

Although the 32-year-old will be completing her studies soon, she has to juggle both her thesis and wedding preparations at the moment and will therefore be giving the October 25 Golden Bell Awards ceremony a miss.

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