Ariel Lin made husband uncomfortable with her steamy love scenes

Actress thought inviting her then-boyfriend to watch the rough cut would reassure him

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Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin had good intentions when she invited her now-husband, Charles Lin, to visit her on set three years ago while she filmed the 2015 romance Another Woman: She wanted to make sure he was agreeable to her love scenes with co-stars Qin Hao and Jolin Chien.

But Charles’s expression became stern and he went silent when he watched the rough cut of the steamy scenes — the acting looked a little too convincing, Taiwan media reports.

Another Woman recently premiered, and more details of the awkward incident were revealed. When Charles first appeared on set, he was cheery towards Ariel’s co-star Jolin, making the latter quite embarrassed about filming the love scene.

Ariel and Charles married last year, but the couple live apart for a good part of the year: She stays in Taiwan for her work, while he is based in the US.

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