Ariel Lin’s contracts do not allow her to be pregnant

Ariel Lin’s representative responds to rumours saying that her agreements do not allow her to have a baby

Ariel Lin’s contracts do not allow her to be pregnant

Taiwanese actress-singer Ariel Lin, 32, was spotted at a restaurant last night enjoying hamburgers and chatting away with Mandopop singer and mother of one Fish Leong.

Although her arms and legs remained slender, she became slightly meatier and sported a small belly bulge under loose clothes. Additionally, she was seen wearing flats, which raised even more suspicion that she could now be pregnant.

Before the two left the restaurant, they were stopped by fans who requested for pictures with them. Ariel immediately removed the mask she had put on earlier and posed for a group photo together before taking her leave.

Her manager was witnessed following closely behind and being extra careful with Ariel, cautiously escorting her to the car and all the way home.

However, her representative debunked the pregnancy rumours and said that she has signed many contracts that indicate that she is not allowed to be pregnant.

When Ariel was last suspected to be pregnant in February, she denied the news and said that she wanted to wait two years before starting a family.

After knowing each other for 14 years, Ariel married her husband Charles Lin in 2014. Since then, the couple have been spending most of their time in America together. However, she is currently in Taiwan for work purposes.

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