Ariel Lin trying for baby since last year

‘But when Heaven will give me one, I don’t know,’ actress says

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Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin, 33, said she has been trying for a baby since last year. “But when Heaven will give me one, I don’t know,” she said in reply to a question from a fan on when she and her husband, Charles Lin, planned to start having children.

During her recent appearance on the Chinese variety programme Youku All Star, the actress said she often tries to challenge herself with new roles to distance herself from the naive characters she’s played in idol dramas.

And her portrayal of a more mature woman in the 2011 drama series In Time with You introduced audiences to a grown-up Ariel Lin.

The actress described the most romantic thing her husband has done for her: The couple were at home in the US when Ariel heard noises coming from the kitchen, and discovered her husband was cooking sesame oil chicken for her, which she said was a moving moment.

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