Ariel Lin won’t rule out freezing her eggs

Actress says natural pregnancy is still best, but won’t shy away from using technology

Ariel Lin won’t rule out freezing her eggs

Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin, 33, said she won’t rule out freezing her eggs, though she added she still considered natural pregnancy best.

During an interview yesterday on the set of her new rom-com Egg Man (unofficial translation), the actress said she had visited fertility clinics to learn about getting ovum cryogenically preserved.

In the movie, Ariel plays a 30-something woman who has her eggs frozen.

Ariel Lin won’t rule out freezing her eggs

Ariel married businessman Charles Lin last year, and the lack of baby announcements from the couple has made tabloids antsy.

But the actress is in no hurry to become a mother. “I’m taking one decade as a unit, so between 30 and 40,” she said of her baby plans.

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