Arissa Cheo defends brother against furious Elva Hsiao fans

Cold war between couple leads singer’s supporters to harass Elroy Cheo in cyberspace

Elva Hsiao, Elroy Cheo, Arissa Cheo

Arissa Cheo, Singaporean online entrepreneur and wife of Taiwanese artiste Vanness Wu, has stepped out to defend her brother online against bullying comments left on his Instagram by angry fans of Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao.

Last week on Elroy Cheo’s food posts on Instagram, Elva fans left a string of nasty comments: “Brother-in-law [referring to Elroy] must be tired of Elva now, huh?” “I suppose you’re no longer our brother-in-law? Silent treatment, unfollowing, gaming daily, treating Elva’s home like a hotel, any good feelings are now dead.”

The comments angered Arissa, who blasted Elva fans right back: “I’m speechless. I won’t be saddened by your actions, because I understand you guys really need help.”

Taiwan media reports Elva and Elroy had been living together comfortably, but differences in their lifestyles reportedly caused friction — Elva likes going out with friends, but Elroy prefers to stay in with his video games. The couple have been silently warring for more than a month, and Elroy moved out from Elva’s place, even once unfollowing the singer on Instagram.

To fans calling the Instagram unfollow childish and immature, Arissa added, “I’m sorry, but I’m not the one leaving irrelevant comments under someone’s photo posts — you are!”

Elva’s manager clarified that the couple had indeed had a disagreement, but they have made up, not broken up.

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