Ashin’s crazed fan berated by netizens

The fan threatened to “jump into the sea” if Ashin did not reply to her Facebook post 

Ashin’s crazed fan berated by netizens
A crazed fan of Mayday’s frontman Ashin recently left a post on the singer’s Facebook, threatening to “jump into the sea” if he did not reply her. In a separate post, the fan used another account to comment that “her younger sister had really jumped into the sea and landed in a coma”, again pleading for him to reply.

After the fan’s actions were widely reported, netizens blasted her for “bullying Ashin” while some even suggested the singer to disable posts by other people on his Facebook page, which has accumulated over 3.6 million fans to date. Despite Ashin’s busy schedule, the 39-year-old often take time out to interact with fans online, and to encourage his less fortunate fans.

On Saturday, the fan posted another message on his Facebook to apologise for her behaviour. She wrote: “Shin ge (brother), I was wrong.”

Her apology, however, was met with criticism from other fans. “If you really like Ashin, you should support him in a positive manner!” a netizen commented. 

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