Aya Liu and her daughter look 100% alike

Taiwanese actress and hostess Aya Liu posted a photo of her adorable 9-month-old daughter, Ava

Aya Liu and her daughter look 100% alike

Having announced her baby girl’s birth and her marriage with her American-Chinese beau Tony in June last year, the 36-year-old singer-actress posted after-meal photographs of her daughter on Facebook a few days ago.

The new mother and wife has been constantly updating her social media with photographs documenting Ava’s growth progress such as the picture of Ava looking at the camera (left picture), her mouth still stained with rice.

Some fans commented that she looked “domineering” and others exclaimed that “Ava and her mother look 100% alike”. Aya even joked about how it’s impossible to give birth to a child in secret, since people can easily recognise the similarities in parent and child.

Aya Liu and her daughter look 100% alike

Previously, Aya had posted a photograph of her daughter on Weibo and said, “We need to learn from children like her, even one gourd can make her so happy.”

In one of the cute photographs, Aya had short hair and wore a baby pink shirt with a bib over. Her eyes narrowed as she had a wide grin on her face, revealing two tiny teeth while fiddling with her gourd. Her childlike innocence displayed in the photographs has won her the praise of many too.

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