Aya Liu denies bad blood between the “sisters”

Aya Liu defended Pace Wu in a Weibo post yesterday, but netizens are still continuing to debate about the controversy between the “sisters”

Aya Liu denies bad blood between the “sisters”

Rumours claiming that Taiwanese model-actress Pace Wu is still keeping a distance from actresses Dee Hsu and Makiyo resurfaced when singer Christine Fan appeared on talk show Here Comes Kangxi with husband Blackie Chen last week.

The couple were originally on the show to talk about parenting, but the topic of their sisterhood (Pace, Christine, Aya Liu, Barbie and Dee Hsu, Makiyo and Jia Yong Jie) came up and host Dee brought up the fact that Pace accompanied Christine throughout her pregnancy journey and “[Pace] is just trying to show off”, causing netizens to conclude that Pace is a “scheming” fair-weather friend to her “sisters”.

Christine posted a group shot of the sisterhood on Weibo last Thursday and the post was speculated to be an attempt to prove that the group’s relationship has remained unchanged.

Aya Liu denies bad blood between the “sisters”

Additionally, Aya stood up for Pace on Saturday with an encouraging Weibo post: “What was said on the show is not true. Do you know how long we’ve known each other? How could we have a fall out over such a small matter? We’ve always supported and cared for each other.”

A few netizens still felt that Aya was just covering up the truth, and some even asked her on Weibo, “Are you accusing Dee Hsu?” and “Why did you wait until so many months later to clarify this?”

Many are still continuing to debate over the controversy online about who the “fake friends” are in this story.

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