Aya Liu’s husband is a “reincarnated Rinpoche”

Aya Liu revealed details about her husband for the first time 

Aya Liu’s husband is a “reincarnated Rinpoche”

After tying the knot and giving birth to her daughter last year, Taiwanese artiste Aya Liu often shared stories of her blissful family life, but remained tight-lipped about her American-Chinese husband Tony. Chinese netizens recently exposed the identity of Tony as a “living Buddha”, which prompted Aya to divulge details about her husband for the first time.

In the post on the online forum, it is said that Tony did religious studies in Columbia University and was popular for his interpretation of religious texts. The 50-year-old is currently based in Seattle.

During an interview yesterday, Aya said that her husband is a “reincarnated Rinpoche” and not a “living Buddha”. The former TV host also claimed that Tony, who indeed graduated from Columbia University, was not ordained at the monastery and had a previous marriage.

Singing praises of her husband, Aya called Tony “the best partner in her life”. “In the six months after Ava was born, he helped to change diapers and bathe our daughter every day. Sometimes even I feel that he has done too much. But he believes that since he is already doing it, he should do it to his best ability,” she let on.

In addition, the 36-year-old explained that she kept Tony’s identity under wraps due to their unique backgrounds. “Because I am a celebrity and because of his religion, I didn’t want public opinion to disrupt our peaceful life,” added Aya.

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