Aya Liu touches netizens with Mother’s Day tribute

She uploaded a rare picture of herself with her daughter and mother on the special day

Aya Liu

Aya Liu commemorated Mother’s Day last Sunday with a simple but heartwarming post. Her picture included her, her 2-year-old daughter, Ava, and mother smiling brightly on a casual day out.

In her caption, she mused, “Our mothers are happy as long as we’re by their sides but as a daughter, we’ll do as much as we can (for our mothers)”. Her post caught the attention of many netizens, who praised her for her filial mindset.

Aya Liu

Aya also shared her thoughts on being a mother, saying that “becoming a mother opened up potential in me that I never knew existed”, adding that she has changed from an impatient person to one who has learned the art of tolerating others. She declared her transformation as “the power of becoming a mother”.

The 37-year-old wed American-Chinese husband Tony in 2014 and has remained largely tight-lipped about her family. Little Ava has been said to look like a carbon copy of her mother since she was younger, with netizens adding that her face shape, eyes and smile are starting to resemble Aya’s even more as she grows older.

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