Aya Liu visits Christine Fan’s twins with her daughter

The celebrity gal pals and their kids had a heartwarming gathering 

Aya Liu visits Christine Fan’s twins with her daughter
Taiwanese artiste Aya Liu recently paid a visit to Christine Fan’s home with her one-year-old daughter Ava. After the gathering, Christine posted a photo on Facebook which showed Ava sitting on her lap while Aya carried the singer’s twin boys River and Ryan.

She wrote: “Thank you pretty sister for coming to play [with us] this afternoon!”

Aya also commented that “the home of Fei Fei (River) and Xiang Xiang (Ryan) is too joyous” and that it is great for the children to grow up together.

Ava’s “serious expression” in the photo, which exhibited a rare frontal view of the little girl, also attracted netizens’ attention. Sharp-eyed fans even pointed out that River was too busy reaching out his hand to touch Ava to look at the camera, while others suggested “match-making” the two when they grow up.

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