Babies of Vivian Hsu, Alyssa Chia hang out

“Bu Bu” and Dalton becoming buddies

Vivian, Alyssa 1

Taiwanese actresses and close friends Vivian Hsu, 40, and Alyssa Chia, 41, got their two newborns, Dalton and “Bu Bu,” together for their first play date, and Alyssa uploaded photo evidence on her Facebook page on December 26.

“Finally meeting the dashing Dalton!” she wrote. “Bu Bu, what are you doing with your hand? Do you mean to become buddies with Dalton? Grow up quickly so you can hold hands and go play together.”

Vivian, Alyssa 2

“Bu Bu,” Alyssa’s younger daughter, was born on August 14, just a day after Dalton, Vivian’s son.

Fans of both actresses gushed online over how adorable the babies looked together. “They’re a match made in heaven,” some posted.

Vivian gave birth to Dalton in Singapore and her husband, businessman Sean Lee, is based here, so the actress caught up with Alyssa during a trip back to Taiwan to celebrate Christmas before returning to Singapore.

Vivian, Alyssa 3

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