Bao Ma and Wang Jianmin are no longer together

Rumour has it that the couple ended their two-year relationship because of Wang Jianmin’s debts

Bao Ma and Wang Jianmin are no longer together

After two years of dating, Wang Jianmin admitted that he and Wang Meihua (popularly known as Bao Ma and also Eric Tseng’s former wife) have broken up since January.

According to Taiwan media reports, 59-year-old Bao Ma and 47-year-old Jianmin have publicly announced their separation, citing “faded feelings” as the reason behind it. Rumours claim that Jianmin’s debts comprised millions of dollars and a disheartened Bao Ma wanted to end things.

Since their announcement, they refused to answer phone calls about the breakup or the debts. Bao Ma said that she will still help him even though they are financially independent of each other and will return to their separate homes and Jianmin said they are “still friends.”

The couple’s relationship started in May 2012, when they were spotted lingerie shopping. The two only went public six months after that and faced adverse comments from the public because of their age gap of 12 years.

Bao Ma teared as she felt bad that Jianmin had to be under the public eye because she was “Eric Tsang’s ex-wife” and “Bowie Tsang’s mother”. In fact, her daughter, Bowie confirmed the split but refused to reveal the cause.

Breakup rumours started circulating since 2014, but both denied it at that point in time. They even headed to Japan on a romantic getaway late last year.

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