Barbie and Dee Hsu on the joys and ‘woes’ of pregnancy

The two sisters cried when they shared about their respective pregnancy experiences

Barbie and Dee Hsu on the joys and ‘woes’ of pregnancy

Taiwanese actress-singer Barbie Hsu recently made an appearance on her 37-year-old younger sister Dee Hsu’s variety show Here Comes Kangxi to promote her new book The Lady Arrives.

The episode was filled with tears and laughter as the two sisters exchanged stories that happened during their respective pregnancies. While 38-year-old Barbie complained about Dee’s quick recovery to her pre-pregnancy figure, Dee, on the other hand, revealed that she once cried on the phone while talking to Barbie about her fear of a miscarriage.

Barbie recalled praying for her younger sister to “give birth to a healthy child” and have a “smooth delivery process” at that point in time.

Barbie and Dee Hsu on the joys and ‘woes’ of pregnancy

After sharing about Dee’s difficulties during her pregnancy, Barbie began to share about her own experience and how she spent three years seeking medical help. She also remembered how excited she was when she discovered she was pregnant.

Recounting her initial reaction to it, Barbie said she took a picture of the pregnancy test and immediately sent it to her husband Wang Xiaofei, who failed to understand the significance behind the picture and called her in a panicked state. When he nervously asked if she was okay, Barbie had to break the news to him calmly.

During her pre-natal check-up, Barbie was moved to tears when she heard her child’s heartbeat for the first time. She also said that she had gained a lot of weight over the course of her pregnancy and laughed when she spoke about how her husband, who did not dare to comment about her weight gain, remarked that her “new waist line” is “very sexy”.

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