Barbie, Dee Hsu spotted on quiet outing in Taipei

Sisters keeping a low profile as husbands’ businesses struggle

Barbie, Dee Hsu 1

Taiwanese entertainer Dee Hsu was spotted taking her daughters for a low-key outing with her sister, Barbie Hsu, on Saturday, Taiwan media reports.

Dee was seen getting into a car with her daughters and heading to Taipei’s Hsin-Yi district, and despite her giant sunglasses she was still recognised. Her flowy top showed a hint of a baby bump, but Dee clarified that same day through her manager that she is not pregnant.

Mother and daughters arrived at a restaurant, and five minutes later Barbie appeared with a pram and a middle-aged woman in tow, who Barbie later clarified was a distant relative on her mother’s side. A while later, Barbie took the children shopping next door and even footed the tab.

Barbie, Dee Hsu 2

The sisters’ husbands have been struggling with their businesses in recent times, so Barbie and Dee are keeping a low profile compared to when they got married.

Barbie chartered a plane to transport more than a hundred friends and family to Hainan island for the wedding when she married millionaire Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei four years ago. Xiaofei gained recognition in Taiwan through his famous wife, as did his Chinese restaurant group, Southern Beauty. But last September the Southern Beauty outlet in Taipei’s Hsin-Yi business area closed down, reportedly due to mismanagement. Barbie’s mother-in-law, Zhang Lan, has left the board at the restaurant group.

Dee’s husband of more than nine years, Mike Hsu, was found not guilty on August 28 for insider trading involving the Top Pot Bakery and its parent company, Genome International. But his father, Hsu Ching-hsiang, was sentenced to two years in prison.

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