Barbie Hsu: As long as I can still give birth, I will!

Barbie Hsu shared that she used to worry about experiencing a miscarriage, but doesn’t mind a second or third child now

Barbie Hsu: As long as I can still give birth, I will!

Taiwanese actress-singer Barbie Hsu recently appeared on Chinese variety show Are You Normal to share about her feelings during pregnancy for the first time.

38-year-old Barbie admitted that because she had a late pregnancy (she was 37 when she was pregnant), she often imagined the worst and constantly feared that she would lose her baby.

During her prenatal check ups, she would frequently ask her doctor, “Is my child’s heart still beating?” until he got so annoyed that he gave a stern reply, “Don’t say that so loud. The pregnant women waiting for their appointment outside might hear and you could cause them to worry as well.”

Be that as it may, Barbie has not been scarred at all from having her daughter and shared that she is willing to have a second one, maybe even a third. She said with a smile, “As long as I can still give birth, I will!”

Barbie married the CEO of South Beauty Restaurant Group Wang Xiaofei in 2011 and gave birth to their daughter Wang Xiyue three years later.

On Here Comes Kangxi, the variety-comedy talk show where Barbie was once a substitute host for her sister Dee Hsu, she shocked the audience when she shared that she would divorce her husband if she were to find true love (May 14).

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