Barbie Hsu boasts of her husband non-stop

Barbie Hsu priced her husband’s sperm at 30 million yuan (about S$6.43 million) and praised his good genes

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Taiwanese actress-singer Barbie Hsu was recently in Shanghai shooting the second quarter of the latest season of the show Here Comes Kangxi as the replacement host for her sister, Dee Hsu.

Since her 2011 marriage with the CEO of South Beauty Restaurant Group Wang Xiaofei, Barbie has been praising her husband non-stop for his good genes and figure.

Barbie was very straightforward when approaching the topic of her husband’s fertility and said, “Foot in 30 million yuan (about S$6.43 million) and then I will consider agreeing to let my husband donate his sperm.”

The emcee on the show was shocked after hearing her answer and commented with a smile, “Since Xiaofei’s sperms are worth such a price, he must earn a lot from selling even one of them.” Barbie boasted in reply, “It’s because my husband’s DNA is so great!”

Not only does she boast about his good genes, but she also takes pride in her husband’s “well-built chest” that “she always wants to lean on”.

Barbie gave birth to her daughter by Caesarean section after three years of marriage in April last year, and although she since became a mother, her spunky character from before her marriage still remains.

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