Barbie Hsu, Dee Hsu, reveal secrets to success

The sisters are said to be hosting a new programme together


Barbie Hsu revealed recently that it was her younger sister, Dee Hsu, who made her decide to take on the project that incited her love for acting – acting as Meteor Garden’s Shan Cai. Similarly, it was Barbie who encouraged Dee to accept the offer of becoming the host of Here Comes Kangxi, which cemented Dee’s status as a versatile host in showbiz.

“We’re both very lucky. Because Dee liked reading the Meteor Garden comics, I accepted the role in the drama, which sparked a love for acting. Previously, Dee was also invited by the producer of Kangxi is Coming to host the show, but she didn’t dare to accept. I pushed Dee to accept the role, which showcased her potential in the end.”

Barbie also commented that the duo are each other’s “tactical advisers”. “When she had a shotgun marriage, I helped her to break the news to our mum. When I got married to Wang Xiaofei, Dee was the first one to know as well. Most importantly, we share everything [with the public], so they’re used to having us around after a while.”

Dee also revealed, “My sister and I didn’t plan to debut [as celebrities], we just so happen to meet people who will help us reach greater heights. Other than being thankful, I will also cherish these opportunities.”

Recent reports have stated that sisters are set to host a show together again. It was also said that the sisters’ advancements in their respective careers have been neck to neck, and have maintained their popularity, despite getting married and becoming mothers.

Barbie has earned close to NT$70 million (approximately S$2.94 million) from advertisements in the six years since her marriage, despite focusing more on her family after marriage. Her husband, businessman Wang Xiaofei has also named a yet-to-open boutique hotel after her, calling it ‘S Hotel’.

Dee has also been doing very well too. After ending her stint as the co-host of Here Comes Kangxi last year, the 37-year-old has turned her attention to social networking sites. Dee has amassed quite a following on Facebook, Weibo and Instagram, with her posts about her daily life attracting the attention of netizens of all ages, bringing her revenue from sponsors close to NT$10 million (approximately S$420,000).

Photos: PBE Media

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