Barbie Hsu feels stressed about second pregnancy

Actress says it’s as if she’s possessed


Taiwanese actress and singer Barbie Hsu, 39, revealed during a recent interview that she’s feeling stressed about her second pregnancy, worrying daily whether the baby is healthy, and the pressure is so intense she feels as if she’s possessed.

Barbie appeared on television host Makiyo’s talk show while 5 months pregnant, and said she hadn’t expected to conceive a second time. “This baby was completely unexpected, so it’s a total surprise,” she said.

The actress added that her husband, Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei, is looking forward to the birth of their second child, but she is imagining the worst.

Barbie added she had intended to have only one child because she wasn’t confident of being a good mother to two. She even accepted an acting role in January, which she has had to turn down due to her unplanned pregnancy.

Barbie and Xiaofei married in 2010 and have one daughter, Hsi-yueh, nearly 2.

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