Barbie Hsu furious that news of her second pregnancy was leaked early

Fans accuse actress of double standards

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Taiwanese actress and host Barbie Hsu is furious that news of her second pregnancy was leaked early, way before the traditional three-month mark, but she has been accused of having double standards.

“I’m only about one month pregnant now, and it shouldn’t have been revealed!” Barbie said on Friday afternoon. “These days celebrities are getting pregnant and having babies every day, why the hurry to report my pregnancy?”

She also accused the media that broke the news of having unreliable sources and disregarding the custom of not announcing a pregnancy until the first trimester passes.

Barbie’s mother implicitly confirmed her daughter was expecting a second child, saying last week that she would leave it to Barbie to announce the good news.

Fans pointed out that when Barbie was carrying her first child, daughter Hsi-Yueh, two years ago, she announced it when she was only one month into the pregnancy.

Some speculated Barbie did so to divert attention from her sister Dee Hsu, another actress and host, who was then facing negative press over her husband’s association with insider trading involving the upscale Top Pot Bakery.

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