Barbie Hsu makes first appearance after giving birth

The Taiwanese celebrity attended a public event with her younger sister Dee Hsu

Dee Hsu (left), Barbie Hsu (right)

Taiwanese actress-singer Barbie Hsu made her first public appearance as a mother after giving birth to her daughter Wang Xiyue this May. She recently attended an event with her younger sister Dee Hsu, after hinting at a showbiz comeback, and appeared to have lost most of her pregnancy weight.

Barbie, who often shares photos of her little girl on Weibo with loving captions, admitted she wants to stay at home to keep Xiyue company because she loves her too much to come back to work.

Dee then chipped in to prove the mother-daughter bond, “Barbie is currently training Xiyue not to grab her hair. There was once when [her husband] Xiao Fei saw [her grab her mother’s hair] and hit her hand lightly. And Barbie shouted at him, ‘Why did you hit my kid?’”

In addition, it is also said the sisters will host another show together after the last one they did six years ago, Gourmet Secrets of the Stars. Although their fans approve of this upcoming collaboration, both their managements have yet to confirm the news.

Barbie Hsu with husband Wang Xiao Fei and daughter Wang Xiyue

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