Barbie Hsu may be pregnant with second child

Actress’s mother doesn’t deny it outright; ‘Sometimes you needn’t ask so many questions,’ she says

Barbie Hsu 1

Barbie Hsu’s mother has implicitly confirmed the actress, also known as Big S, is pregnant with her second child.

“If you hear how I keep laughing, you’ll know I’m very happy,” she said. “Big S hasn’t told me, and I haven’t asked her either. I’ll leave her to confirm the news personally after everything has been settled. Some customs must still be respected and observed.”

“Sometimes you needn’t ask so many questions,” she added.

Barbie Hsu 2

Yesterday, Barbie, her husband and their 1-year-old daughter attended the 94th birthday celebration of Barbie’s grandmother, together with other members of the extended family.

The actress is reportedly eager to try for a second child because she loves children and she hopes to produce a son to carry on the family line for her husband, millionaire Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei, an only child himself.

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