Barbie Hsu plays peekaboo with daughter

Barbie Hsu shared adorable photos of her daughter playing “peekaboo” under her dress

Barbie Hsu plays peekaboo with daughter

Taiwanese actress-host Barbie Hsu posted a few photos yesterday on Weibo in her Golden Melody Awards (GMA) outfit held on Saturday and joked that she was playing peekaboo with her 1-year-old daughter under her skirt.

The photos showed 38-year-old Barbie lifting up the skirt of her gorgeous white gown to let Xiao Yue’er slip in and out as she looked on lovingly at her child.

Many netizens commented that Barbie is a beautiful and blessed mother and said that the photos melted their hearts. A few of them even joked that Xiao Yue’er was a “little pervert” for hiding under her mother’s skirt.

Others pointed out that Barbie appeared to have gained weight, but even more netizens retorted and highlighted the fact that she gave birth to her daughter just over a year ago.

At the Golden Melody Awards’ Walk of Fame, Barbie admitted that her daughter rushed over to her side just as she was leaving the house and she needed to fight her urge to skip the awards ceremony.

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