Barbie Hsu’s daughter welcomes her baby brother

The actress’s husband posted a picture of their two kids together


Taiwanese actress-host Barbie Hsu’s husband, businessman Wang Xiaofei posted a picture of his daughter, Wang Xiyue (Xiao Yue’er), carrying her baby brother yesterday, attracting the attention of netizens. The 34-year-old accompanied his picture with the caption, “[Looking at] older sister Yue’er carrying her younger brother, it feels like she has really grown up.”

In the picture, the two-year-old is seen with a pacifier in her mouth and carefully cradling her younger brother, who has his eyes trained on his older sister. While Xiyue looks capable of carrying him, due to her young age, Xiaofei can be seen with his arms supporting the two as a precaution.

Comments like, “Too cute”, and “It’s a great feeling to have an older sister”, were left on the picture, with some fans wondering about Barbie’s condition, as she was previously reported to have had a difficult birth.

Barbie was initially warded in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after suffering an epileptic fit during labour. Thankfully, the 39-year-old has since recovered and headed home to start her confinement. The actress even posted pictures of her son on her Weibo account a few days ago, praising his facial features and commenting, “[He’s] so handsome that even I feel shy just looking at him”.

Xiaofei and Barbie tied the knot in 2011, and welcomed their first child, Xiyue in 2014. Last Saturday, Barbie gave birth to the couple’s second child, a son whose name has yet to be revealed.

Photos: PBE Media

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